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    A Guide to Choosing a Translation Agency

    Language barriers have always been a problem, especially in the business world. Businesses lose tons of potential customer because of this issue. Language barriers also cause a lot of delays in different business processes.  The good thing is that business entities can always seek the services of firms who offer document translation services. Hiring a translation agency will be to your advantage because a team of professionals will take care of the translation of various documents for you.

    Hence, you can concentrate on your more important responsibilities which include running your business. Note that most of these firms also provide services to students who need educational translation. However, it is essential to do your homework when choosing a translation agency for you to avoid landing in the hands of incompetent companies. On that note, consider the factors below when in search of translation agencies.



    Obviously, you want to hire a document translation firm because you want them to help you accurately interpret documents that were written in a foreign language. Hence, always remember that reason when looking for a translation agency. See to it that they can hit 100% when it comes to the accuracy of their document translations.


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    It is also vital to ensure that the company only employs certified translators.  One of the certification that they should hold is a certification from the American Translators Association. If possible, they should also have a degree in translation studies. This is to ensure that the person who will handle the process has sufficient skills to translate documents correctly. You should also ask the company to assign someone who takes a specialization in your line of business. For instance, the translator must be accredited in translating legal documents if you are an attorney that needs help in a couple of legal documents.


    The last thing that you would want is to work with a translation agency that will expose your documents right after translating it. For this reason, make sure that the company you choose will observe confidentially on all the documents entrusted to them. See to it that they adhere to the standards by ensuring that they have an ISO certification.

    Reviews & Reputation

    You can take advantage of the free information available on the internet to come up with an informed decision when choosing a translation agency. What you need to do is look for online sites that rate these types of companies. These websites would also provide information on why you should hire a certain translation agency or why you should not hire them.

    Moreover, you should look for online forums with topics relevant to such companies. This way, you will obtain information from the first-hand experiences of other clients.…