a garden in the park

During spring break a lot of people would love to go for great vacations. We must admit that we are envious mostly because we are currently at our home with a pink eye. Theme parks are well known for spring break vacations, and we all plan to spend quality time in city of Richmond Hill to cover the break.

Maybe you already know what you should wear to a theme park but have no idea what to carry to a theme park. No matter the place you choose for your theme park crucial items that will be of help in the park.  Below are theme park essential items you should carry for your trip.

Portable Charger

garden park castleIt can take you all day to cover theme parks, and a phone can serve as a form of communication and taking photos, so you should make sure that you have enough battery. Its recommended that you buy a portable charger that can fit in your bag when your phone’s battery is low. It’s easy to get a portable charger, and you can get them in different patterns. And if you want to spend the extra cash, you can as well find a portable charger that can hold many charges.

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags will assist to keep big bags well organized, and they also offer protection for your basic electronics. Water rides are popular in all theme parks, and not all parks have lockers where you can keep your valuable devices while you are on the ride. You can park some plastic bags in your stuff. In addition, in case you are visiting a theme park in Florida, it rains regularly, and these plastic bags can help a lot when it comes to your devices.

An Old Water Bottle

It can be tiresome to carry water in your bag, so to avoid this, you can carry an old water bottle or an empty bottle.  Empty bottles are light in weight to carry, and you can quickly refill while at water fountains. More so, the cost of water in theme parks is so expensive that it’s so challenging to purchase water each time you are thirsty. So carrying an old water bottle will make things easy for you to refill for free.

A Small Raincoat or Umbrella

nature parkIt’s advisable to bring a foldable umbrella or raincoat with you in case it rains. Just maintain it small and light. They can add on more weight to your bag, but they are important. If you can, make sure that you carry a light poncho or raincoat instead of an umbrella since it can serve as a jacket during cold weather.